The Luxury Wedding Show London – a day out in heaven!

On Saturday I gave myself a big treat and went out to the Luxury Wedding Show London. First of all, let me advise any brides thinking about going next time to DO IT! Second, don’t do it wearing a Tesco dress (seriously) and a Primark jumper. Epic fail.

Anyway so I arrived at the gallery a while before my scheduled catwalk show. Sadly most of the wedding Twitter world didn’t make it till later and I had long sinced lugged my goodie bags home, so I missed most people. Walking through the gallery, I actually spoke in hushed voices. Everything was so pretty and luxurious I didn’t want to talk too loudly around anything. I felt positively shabby (and NOT chic) inches from a stunning Vivienne Westwood creation – in my Tesco dress!

But enough of that, first of all, here’s the best of the stands:

All official photos (stands and catwalk) (c) Christoper Dadey

David Austin Roses – so much lushness I actually wanted to cry!

Candy Anthony dresses and Maisie Fantaisie cake – don’t know which is more drool-worthy!

Divine decor from Emily-Readett-Bayley and Vintage Tea Sets

I also got a delicious cupcake from G C Couture… nom! Here are a few of their amazing cakes!

But before I go on too much about the goodies… here are some of the fashion show highlights!

The designers are listed behind the models… can I have 10 different weddings for all of these dresses?

Temperley London

The State of Grace

And, of course, designer royalty deserves a special mention… need I say more?

On the train home I have to say I shamelessly dived right into my goodie bags and was delighted (amongst MANY fantastic beauty products) to find some edible goodies. For example, a macaron overdose (which I didn’t actually discover until yesterday but SO worth posting… mmmm…

And a G C Couture cupcake. Disclaimer – these cupcakes are usually a lot prettier – but I carried this one around upside down in a bag for a couple of hours. And I took these photos with my phone on a moving train. Also I should fess up and say I ate one of the petals before I took the photo!!! However, the taste was not affected! Heaven!!

Finally, not edible, but the fabulous Raj Tents gave me a pretty candle! And it smells lush!

Did you go to the Luxury Wedding Show London? What was your favourite part of the day? Leave me some comments!

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