Musings on self employment… by a newbie

♥ Choosing your own hours is both a blessing and a curse – but more a blessing. Although I end up working probably twice as long as I would have otherwise, I can work when I feel most productive, not when other people expect me to.

♥ It’s a lot more emotional. Small wins and failures that may have been insignificant if I worked for someone else form an emotional rollercoaster. Because you’re so invested in your own business, everything is magnified. It brings up every insecurity and self doubt. It also makes you feel better than you’ve ever felt.

♥ Remembering to look half human is hard. I like working in my PJs – but when it’s 6pm and I’m still slumming it, I need to check myself!

♥ Remembering to eat is equally tricky. With no “lunch break” or cafe at my convenience, and work always needing to be done, it can be difficult to remember to take care of myself.

♥ People don’t “get” that you’re working. Often I’ll have friends or family call and expect me to be able to drop my work and talk to them or to run errands for them during the day. I’m constantly reminding people that you don’t have to drive to an office every day to be at work (anyone who’s been at the end of my emails knows that).

♥ I have to get used to managing my finances and business development – and keeping track of everything! It’s not something I’ve had much experience with before but as long as I keep organised, I’m managing.

♥ I’m MUCH more motivated – and much happier – than I thought myself capable of.

♥ Finally, my favourite thing about being self employed is my colleagues (although sometimes the conversation is lacking):

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