Lessons in bridal confidence

I’ll let you in on a secret. When I think about my wedding day, I don’t feel nervous about the commitment I’m making (in my mind and heart I’ve long since made that  commitment) I’m not worried about the day not running smoothly – I’ll be surrounded by people I love. What sends me into a nauseous sweat is the thought of being the centre of attention.

Now, anyone who knows me will probably be choking on their tea right about now – with good reason! I’ve never been one to shy away from the limelight, but that’s always been hiding behind something. At school I had a stage persona to hide behind when I spent most of my time singing, at university I had a political persona to hide behind when I was fighting for motions at general meetings. But if anyone came up to me afterwards (just me) to give me a compliment? Well, the reaction would always be furious blushing followed by a dumbing down of what I’d just achieved.

Compliments aren’t easy to accept for many people. Maybe you have low self esteem and have difficulty believing them, maybe you know your own worth but are worried about looking arrogant. For whatever reason, saying “thank you” and smiling graciously doesn’t come naturally to most.

My dad’s advice (a bit on the extreme side) is to respond to a compliment with “Thank you. I know. I’m glad you noticed!” Not quite my style – but whatever works for people!

It’s not just compliments that fill many brides with dread. It’s all eyes on you for a whole day – no hiding in the corner, no escaping the limelight – no performance and then exit. It’s a lot of pressure.

So how do you deal with that anxiety? The honest answer? I don’t know. I’ve not yet been there and, despite being the font of all wedding knowledge (ha!) there are some pieces of wedding advice I just can’t dish out – because I’ve not been there yet.

So I thought I’d put it over to you – what’s your top bridal tip? A few lovely ladies have sent me theirs but I’d love some more for a mammoth bridal confidence feature coming up soon!

If you’re already married and have a tip you’re dying to share, please email me: theshabbychicbride@gmail.com with your tip and a pic of you on your wedding day!


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