Don’t Tell the Bride Review, Series 5, Episode 4 – David and Lucy

OK, I’m the first to admit that sometimes I’m a bit of a sarcastic Shabby Chic Bride. If I’d known how far this little wedding blog could travel, would I have been so harsh about previous episodes of Don’t Tell the Bride? Probably. I’ve had varying reactions – one bride wrote something not very nice to me. I thought of publishing it and replacing any naughty words with “kitten”, but as she posted it anonymously (cleverly leaving her email address in the contact form) I’ll respect her privacy. Another bride has been completely frickin’ awesome, leaving helpful comments and tips for other brides who asked about her wedding. What a good sport.

Yes, while some reactions have left me slightly in fear for my safety, there’ll be no need to lock my doors after reviewing last week’s episode. That’s because last week’s episode was so.. lovely! Stunned by the first ever couple on Don’t Tell the Bride to come off really well, my bitch button seems to have deactivated so, for fear of appearing soppy (bleugh) I’ll keep this one brief!

David would do anything for his bride-to-be, Lucy. No, really. He’d do anything. From the start of the episode it was clear that this was one gem of a groom. While most of the interesting characters on Don’t Tell the Bride immediately crack open the beer the second their fiancee is out of the house, David put on Pride and Prejudice – because it’s her favourite book / film, so that’s his theme. Aaaw.

And the cuteness continues. At one point David considers renting Darcy’s house from Pride and Prejudice, but decides, as he can’t afford everything, to have the whole day in one place. During the course of the episode, David reveals himself to not only be the world’s most dedicated groom, but also one heck of a charmer. He convinces his bridesmaids to wear matching Little Bo Peep dresses and ropes his blokey friends into learning traditional dances from the era! He even gets on his hands and knees to pick lavender when he runs out of a flower budget.

So, a perfect groom that is willing to scour lavender fields in search of flowers and dress up as Mr Darcy… the bride’s got to be a bitch, right? No… she’s actually very sweet! She takes everything in her stride and the couple’s emotion at the alter said everything about why this guy was working so hard to please her. I actually shed a tear. Don’t tell anyone… whoops!

Tonight’s groom, however, looks like a bit of a plonker, so make sure you tune in to BBC3 at 9pm tonight (Tuesday, 4th October) and join me for some fun!

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