An important announcement…

Some of you may have noticed that it’s been a bit quiet on the Shabby Chic Bride front lately. So where do I start with explaining? I guess I’ll start by telling you all that the reason I’ve been absent from Twitter etc. is because one month ago today, I handed in my notice at my day job and was focusing on handover work.

The reason I did this was because I wanted to free myself up to focus on this blog – and to get more involved in this fantastic industry as a whole. Now some of you may be scratching your heads at this point wondering if you’ve read right. Most full-timers have been around a long time. Certainly a lot longer than I have. They’re also making money from advertising. Their names are instantly recognisable. So what motivated someone who’s only been blogging since June, who’s still very much a work in progress, to give up their day job and go full time?

Well, to be honest, because now is the time, if ever, to do it – and this is my dream. J and I are in a fortunate position with our living arrangements and I can afford for money to be tight for a bit. It’s funny, when I say this is my dream, I’m not implying that as a little girl I fantasised about being a wedding blogger. I actually wanted to be the 6th Spice Girl (but that’s another story).

The dream started when I penned that first post. It started when I joined this wonderful, welcoming community, when I spent my spare evenings and weekends after a 2.5hr commute (each way) reading blog after blog – because I was (and still am) hooked.

And as my enthusiasm grew, something had to give. I re-evaluated my situation. Do we really need two full-time incomes? What do I have to lose if I fail? Well, the answers were “no” and “nothing”. With my amazing fiancé’s support we decided it was more important for me to do something I love and be penniless (or at least to be a lot more frugal) than to work full time in a job I might be good at, but just doesn’t get me in the way the wedding industry does.

As the responses started coming in and the readership started going up, I realised I couldn’t keep up the double life. Some can, and do really successfully, but I had a 5 hour round trip most days (door to door) and a life to run the rest of the time. The blog was growing faster than I could keep up – and I needed to make a choice: do I go for it? Or do I give up?

With some wonderfully exciting and relevant part-time work within the industry awaiting me, I found the courage to be true to myself. So here I am, armed with nothing but a dream, a regular blogging schedule and the hope that you guys will like what you read! I have some big plans for where the site is going – I want it to be more than just a blog, but a community for Shabby Chic Brides everywhere. I have my short-term targets (I won’t share them here for fear of sounding a bit silly) but I hope, with my dedicated efforts I can make something special out of this little wedding blog. So what’s next for the Shabby Chic Bride?

• Joining a really exciting and wonderful company with a truly aspirational businessperson on a part-time basis.

• Taking on sponsors for the Shabby Chic Bride blog (there are still a few slots left)

• Starting a Shabby Chic Directory! Search will be location-based so brides can specifically look up shabby chic and vintage-style suppliers in their area. There will be a nominal fee to be on the directory for a whole year! If you’re interested in a small investment that will bring lots of targeted business your way, please get in touch at

• And finally, re-launching the blog (hopefully on Monday) – it’s going to be bigger, better, cleaner, prettier with more visual content, posts at least twice daily and me – on the case – most of the time! The more real weddings the better, keep ‘em coming!

Thanks so much for reading about my new direction – I’m scared to death, but have never been more excited or more ready. I can’t wait to work with you all!

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