A magical discovery

On my second to last day of work, my colleague took me on my lunchbreak to see a vintage shop in town. I was expecting to enjoy it, but what actually happened was I entered (I kid you not) a treasure trove of amazingness. Seriously, this is the most incredible place I’ve ever been. First of all, it’s HUGE and second, there wasn’t ONE thing in the whole shop that I didn’t want. Not one. Having just quit my full-time job and having to restrict myself to a couple of small bits for the bathroom was like Sophie’s choice. Basically, if you’re having trouble sourcing vintage wedding props, you need to go here!

I only managed to get a few pics on my phone, so excuse the poor quality, but if you’re ever St Albans way I demand that you go and visit the Fleetville Vintage Emporium. Go on payday. And give yourself a few hours. One lunchreak SO wasn’t enough.

vintage emporium


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