A groom’s perspective #3 – the stag do

The Shabby Chic Groom takes over for a post on alternative stag parties. Note from Shabby Chic Bride, I SWEAR I didn’t make him write this one!!

The “traditional” Stag Do sees the groom and his entourage imbibe copious amounts of alcohol, and more often than not, have some sort of strip show or other semi-nude-lady-related activity. I appreciate that this is not only very much the norm for stag dos, but also something that many brides and grooms are cool with. However, if like the Shabby Chic Bride and I, you don’t want to kick off the pre-wedding celebrations with the same old routine for the men, read on! Here are a few fun things you can do instead:

1. The adventure stag do. There’s a whole host of companies out there doing group adventure days for grown-ups. The first experience to come to my mind is some sort of racing or off-roading experience. Thruxton Racing, for example, offer a number of supercar driving days that would make a perfect male-bonding activity.  If racing isn’t your thing, head to the coast and have some sailing lessons, or perhaps a day of clay pigeon shooting and other outdoor activities.  There’s even tank driving, via the folks over at Action Days UK – head over and see what takes your fancy! After a long day of activities find a nice quiet pub in which to retire and enjoy some ales with the lads.

2. The alternative pub crawl. The Campaign for Real Ale (and its regional groups) often organise pub crawls to great pubs with proper ales. They also have lists of local historical pubs so you can put together a fun, educational crawl (with good beer!) as an alternative to the usual grim bars and clubs. If old drafty historical pubs aren’t your scene, you can scout out any microbreweries in your area, or if you’re in a wine or whiskey region, tour the vineyards or distilleries. Why not see some of your town or city while bonding over real ales?

3. Get away! While Prague and Tallinn have become popular overseas stag dos, this wasn’t what I had in mind. Talk amongst the groomsmen and find somewhere nice, not too expensive, and interesting to spend a weekend. Are you all divers or beach bums? Maybe head to one of the Mediterranean dive meccas. If you’re outdoorsy types, perhaps go for a camping weekend on one of the Scottish isles or in Wales. Other examples are a wine-tasting weekend in France or Spain, a city break to one of Europe’s many cultural hotspots, or even a weekend on a boat! Really, the possibilities are endless.

There’s lots to do out there for a great stag do that doesn’t involve illness-inducing amounts of booze or looking at ladies that you’re not going to marry. And, in my opinion, they’re also far more fun and memorable than getting tanked and passing out in a strip club!

Over to you, ladies. What is your fiance doing for his stag party?

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