Bringing home that Mediterranean feel

I’m blogging from an amazingly beautiful part of Turkey. Brightly coloured flowers hang in their multitudes from every house, grapes, olives, lemons and fresh vegetables are growing in pretty much every garden. The food here is phenomenal – flavours of seasoned vegetables, spreads and dishes you could only dream of in the UK.

I can see why people would choose to get married here, in Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Spain etc. But that’s not an option for everyone. If you have lots of friends and family that you’d be sad not to see at your wedding, a destination is pretty much off the cards (unless EVERYONE is very wealthy).

So how can you bring that Mediterranean feel (apart from the weather, sadly) back to good old Britain?

Which venue to choose

First of all, in my opinion, an outdoor or marquee wedding is essential (of course you’ll have to have a rain contingency plan. For example, a venue like The Walled Garden at Cowdray in West Sussex or a completely customisable venue out in the sticks, like Wise Wedding Venue in Tunbridge Wells, Kent would be perfect.

Food to serve

For a proper Mediterranean feast, serve a big buffet meal. For example, Turkish bread, borekas (cheese pastries), pita bread, hummus, fava (broad bean puree), acili ezme (a Turkish-style tomato dip), babaganoush, sliced aubergine, seasoned vegetables, shakshuka, mixed olives, feta cheese, mozzarella (best served with tomato and basil, drizzled with olive oil and dark balsamic vinegar), goat’s cheese, haloumi, any dishes including Spinach, cauliflower, cucumber, roast carrots, artichokes, fresh tomatoes or avocado, stuffed vine leaves, rice pilav and if you eat meat then roast lamb or chicken, if not then a big vegetable casserole or stuffed peppers for the main.

For dessert serve a buffet of baklava, fresh fruit (especially watermelon) and perhaps consider having somebody making and serving up pancakes with different sweet toppings.


For a really special, intimate feeling, try floor seating on carpets with low tables (it’s more of a Middle Eastern thing but is adopted in some parts of the Mediterranean so I’m putting it in here!).

Brightly coloured flowers are a must, best in hanging baskets or as sprawling and natural as possible. Strings of coloured lanterns hanging over the table and tea lights around the venue will give the reception a really romantic feel.

These are just a few ideas for inspiration based on my knowledge of different traditions from Mediterranean countries – if you guys have any suggestions or comments please leave them!

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