Wedding tools #1 – Top Table Planner

This week I’ll be writing about some of the tools that have made my life easier while planning my wedding! The first is Top Table Planner. For just £10 for six months’ access or £15 for a year, this tool allows you to create your table plan and guest list. I have to say I absolutely love it – I use it to keep track of my guest list and it really helps me to carry on visualising the day.

To properly understand what I’m about to describe, take a look at an example plan on the website or have a glance at the above image. So in a nutshell what this net-based tool lets you do is:

  • Lay out all your tables / dancefloor / cake table etc. exactly how you’d like it to look on the day.
  • Choose the shape and size of your table – you can add and remove chairs once it’s up.
  • Name your table – so if you’re having a themed day you can see who would fit where.
  • Choose the gender of your guests, whether they’ve RSVP’d and whether they require a vegetarian meal. The gender thing is the most useful for me as it turns the seats pink or blue when they’re filled, so I can see the gender mix at any table at a glance.
  • Remove guests from the seating plan, but not from the list entirely. That means that you can still see evening guests if you have them or have people you want there ready should someone cancel or should you change your mind about the main guest list.
  • See at-a-glance stats of how many guests you have in total and how many are seated so you can keep track of numbers without any complicated spreadsheets.

The only thing I’d advise is keep clicking on “save plan” or you will lose your work, as there’s no autosave. I can see why this is, as people might just be experimenting with changes and then decide against them, but remember to save the latest version of your plan every time! Enjoy!

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